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Alexa to be put in almost everything – plan quietly revealed by Amazon

Just when everyone thought Alexa was not blended into ample stuff, Amazon casually announced the latest way to add AI voice assistant to even the dumbest, cheapest things. With a running capability of less than 1MB memory, the latest technology is all set to create wonders. That day isn’t far when even your toaster, light switches, and believe it or not, your toothbrush will start accepting your commands.

The surprising part hasn’t ended yet. Amazon has made it absolutely clear at the hardware event organized in September it has out-and-out intent of making the AI voice assistant easy-to-install and cheap throughout your abode as well as your body. Alexa-enabled speakers that are tiny enough to be plugged into the wall outlet resembling a nightlight are the latest devices available by Amazon Flex. Alexa is predominant in the Echo Loop, Echo Frames, and Echo Buds. But all of these are reasonably trailblazing creations of electronics.

The latest Alexa technology – titled AVS Integration for the AWS IoT Core – which depicts that gadgets having a low-powered, simple microcontroller along with a minimum RAM capacity will be enough to run Alexa. An exorbitant application processor and a minimum of 50MB memory were required for the Alexa built-in merchandise, as stated by Amazon on its blog. But now, it seems like a coffee mug can also run Alexa.

The vast majority of all these are now offloaded to the cloud, as stated by Dirk Didascalou, the Vice President of the AWS IoT. This may result in making the device ultra dumb. Rousing word detection is the only thing needed by the device now. It now opens up the true ambient intelligence. You needn’t identify your hub anymore. You can now interact with your environment by just speaking to it. A massive step has been taken towards ambient intelligence with the help of Alexa.

In short, Alexa will gradually be so ubiquitous in your abode, you won’t even realize if you’re talking to that particular device. Furthermore, some of these will be dumb enough to only respond if you say the wake word. Technology like Google Assistant and Alexa are known to face this kind of serious problem.

Some companies avoid using the cloud for AI voice assistants because it often interferes with privacy. All the functionalities regarding Siri do not require you to forward your data to the cloud, unlike Amazon.

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