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Current and Ex-Tesla employees share work experiences within the company

The customers of Tesla are an exceptionally enthusiastic group of people. Sometimes their enthusiasm extends up to so far as to lend assistance to the Tesla workers in times when they call for it. However, it is quite challenging to know about the tit-bits and work as an insider with a company. Among the current and ex-employees of Tesla, six came forward to share their experience of working with the electric car making company.

However, while they spoke to the reporters, they requested anonymity in fear of reprisal from the company. When the experience shared by the employees raised a question for Tesla, it didn’t respond to comment on the matters. A former employee of the company said that there are a lot of convoluted scenes going on that remain in the limelight and the customers are unaware of it.

The structure of the commission for the people working in sales often changed that created a sense of uncertainty when it came to compensation. A service technician working in the mobile department at Tesla said to the enthusiastic customers that you have more purpose than that. He also said that he couldn’t brag about being a Ford mechanic. But, if he said he was a Tesla mechanic, the responses were intriguing.

A production worker at Nevada factory of Tesla who left his post in the previous year said that the friends and co-workers who have worked for the electric car making company experienced the waning off of their enthusiasm almost immediately after they began their job. He added that everyone working in the company has the feeling of being replaced some or the other day.

The former employee stated that the stem for the disillusionment developed from his colleagues and friends, who along with him were instructed not to even look at Elon Musk, the CEO of the company or any of the executives for that matter, whenever they visited the factory.

The Nevada factory of Tesla deals with the production of drivetrains and the batteries are packed here. A former staff of that factory that left his job this year stated that it was quite challenging to purchase a home in the nearby Reno area if you are not making at least fifty-thousand dollars in a year. A median employee earns about $56,163 in a year said Tesla in the regulatory filing.

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