Dippin’ Dots production facility explosion leaves four people injured

A tragic explosion at one Dippin’ Dots ice cream production facility in Kentucky on Friday night has left 4 people injured, informed the CEO of the company, Scott Fischer.

The injuries caused by the explosion are fatal, and the injured have been hospitalized for their speedy recovery. Of the four people hospitalized, one has been discharged while others will be released soon. However, the extent of their injuries is still unknown. Fortunately enough, no one died due to the tragic event at the facility.

According to Steve Heisner, Vice President of Administration at Dippin’ Dots, the company first ensured the safety of its employees working in the factory post the explosion. The company was mainly concerned about the safety of its employees than its losses, said Heisner.

In his statement made to the WPSD, Heisner further added that the company’s structural engineer would estimate the damage caused by the explosion and report it by the end of this week.

The reason for the explosion caused is not yet known by the authorities. However, according to the local officials, there was a nitrogen leak that caused the explosion inside the factory. But it is still unclear if the nitrogen leak actually was the cause of the explosion.

Fischer said that they had contacted the state officials to look into the matter and carry out a proper investigation. The company would be taking the help of the local authorities and will be working along with them throughout the investigation regarding the explosion.

Fischer also expressed his gratitude towards the local people and authorities that are helping them go through the entire investigation process. He also thanked the people who reported the fire caused by the explosion during the night itself. The urgency in reporting was probably the reason why there were least injuries and the company hopes for the speedy recovery of the people who were injured in the explosion, continue Fischer.

Factory fires are very common incidents and happen mainly due to the lack of responsibility. However, Dippin’ Dots has been lucky that the fire did not cause huge damage or result in a major loss for the company as well as of its employees.

Notably, Dippin’ Dots is a famous company that produces ice cream snack. The company makes the confection in a unique way by taking the ice cream mix and flash freezing it in liquid nitrogen, thus making it an all-time favourite snack.

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