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Elon Musk elucidates why Tesla’s Cybertruck windows shattered during the presentation

The revealing of Tesla’s Cybertruck previous week was packed with surprises, but none more outrageous than the instant when Franz von Holzhausen, the lead designer, smashed vehicle’s windows made up of “armor glass” on stage with the help of a metal ball. CEO Elon Musk has least expected this result and was forced to complete the presentation beside the fractured panes.

By clarifying things on Twitter, Musk explained the reason behind such an act. Von Holzhausen struck the door using a sledgehammer on stage in order to evince its durability, and it created an impact which smashed the windows, as a result.

It might be plausible, especially because Musk shared a video where von Holzhausen performed the same test and the ball had bounced off harmlessly without shattering the windows. The combined effect likely debilitated the glass, setting the platform for the ultimate smash.

Just a momentary effect of smashed glass in the entire event became the talk of the town. The impressive specs and divisive design of the Cybertruck have captured worldwide attention, and since it’s unveiling Elon Musk has been revealing tidbits on Twitter to grab attention and keep the people engaged.

The car will come with solar panels on its roof which ultimately charges the car while driving. It also comes with a fresh black matte finish. The Tesla CEO will also come up with a “smaller” version of the same design, providing a sense in the long-term.

Cybertruck comes with an exoskeleton made up of stainless steel giving it an out of the box approach, unlike the traditional autos which have the body-on-frame design. Structural integrity in the car body is seldom seen in the case of the traditional design which is generally used for styling and aerodynamic purposes.

In Cybertruck’s design, the exterior of the entire vehicle is used as both the frame and the body, and hence does double duty. As a result, complexity gets reduced up to a great extent, and since ultra-hard steel is used by Tesla, the sturdiness of Cybertruck’s exterior gets increased. It’s certainly going to be an eye-catching masterpiece.

Even if we don’t have any guarantee of the above promises becoming a reality, Cybertruck will certainly be a treat to the eyes. The company has already received approximately 200,000 preorders for Cybertruck without any sort of paid endorsement or advertising, Musk says. A few shattered windows did the job very well.

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