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Goldman Sachs makes shocking predictions on the US economy

One of the leading banks of the world and the United States as well shows signs of optimism about the economy of the country for the following year. A note was released by the team of economists of the leading bank that is headed by Jan Hatzius outlining the details for the next year.

Growth is being expected for the upcoming year as the ongoing trade war between the two larger economies has subsided, while the spending made the consumers remain intact and weak business investments have been offset. Unemployment is expected to drop down below its lowest point ever since the history of the nation. Also, the risk of recession has been noticed to be reduced.

With the presidential elections knocking at the doors, the market is expected to remain nervy. Also, there has not been any frontrunner yet elected from among the Democrats, and as far the voting for Trump’s approval is concerned, the chances remain low.

According to Goldman Sachs, there are four reasons for the US’s economy to surge in 2020. The drag that was caused due to the Trade War is going to fade away eventually, says the bank. The economists are expecting the deal for phase one to be closed before 2019 ends and the tariffs to be imposed for December to be removed as well. A recent report was released by Goldman Sachs suggesting the plummeting of the economy, which had tightened the financial conditions.

The bank also said that the tightening of the financial conditions that began in late 2018 has now completely altered as the monetary policies have now become more manageable and are driving better news concerned with the trade war. This change is already being reflected in the housing data, says the economist leading a team of Goldman Sachs.

Weak business investment is to be outlasted by consumer spending. Substantial gains and the healthy confidence shown by the customer in household health and income growth is said to keep the growth of consumption at roughly about 2.5 percent pace in the upcoming year. On the other hand, the weakness in the investment of the businesses, primarily in the aircraft and energy categories is going to prove to be somewhat temporary.

Also, the output from the goods-sector for the adjustment from the inventory is about to cease, said one of the economists from Goldman Sachs.

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