McDonald’s contends lawsuit after failing to protect its workers

McDonald’s is a fast-food giant famous across the globe and loved by almost everyone. However, the company has failed to protect its workers, contends a lawsuit.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed by 17 workers from thirteen different McDonald’s outlets in Chicago, claiming that the company is not doing anything serious to protect its workers from violent customers. According to the complaint lodged, the safety of the workers is hampered as stores remain open late in the night. Moreover, it was stated that the workers are at risk of getting attacked by some customers, but sadly, the focus of the fast-food chain is more on profit maximization than protecting the workers.

The workers that complained were either victim of brutality by customers or had seen their co-workers go through some violence. The incidents that caused a breakthrough include a customer thrashing an employee with a signboard while another customer threatened the workers with a gun. Some workers also claimed that they were sexually harassed in isolated washrooms.

According to the attorney of the workers, Danny Rosenthal, there are at least 20 calls made to 911 daily to complain against violent customers. The working staff often complains that McDonald’s does not provide the primary security training for safety purposes, said Rosenthal. Moreover, the windows of the place they are working in are covered with advertisements that reduce visibility, he added.

The food giant company did not respond to the allegations made but issued a statement regarding the safety measures of its workers. According to the statement, McDonald’s realizes the importance of providing an environment that is safe for the customer as well as the workers. The statement further concluded that the company invests in safety training programs for the staff.

It was stated in the complaint that McDonald’s restricts the workers to lock the washroom while cleaning. This particular rule of the company leads to cases where the workers get sexually assaulted. Furthermore, a former worker sued the company, and its franchises in Michigan as the manager did not help or call for help while he was being physically abused by one customer. According to a worker Diana Thomas, they feel as though they are working in McDonald’s with their life at stake.

In fact, Steve Easterbrook, the ex-CEO of the McDonald’s was fired because he was having an affair with one of the employees.

Notably, 31 incidents of violence against workers have been reported at McDonald’s outlets in Chicago over the last six months.

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