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Starbucks employee sacked for printing PIG on a order label in Oklahoma

An employee of Starbucks had given a police officer of Oklahoma a cup of coffee with PIG printed on its label. The company released a statement on Friday suggesting that the employee was fired after the miscreant that he had caused.

On Thanksgiving Day, the police officer, Keifer, went into Starbucks of Glenpool to get five coffees, as reported by the sources familiar with the matter. The officer, Keifer Chief Johnny O’Mara, said to the reporters that a customer in the house pointed out the word pig written over the label on the coffee cups served to him.

O’Mara in a Facebook post wrote that he was irked by the idea of absolute disrespect showed by the Starbucks employee to a police officer who could have been home with his family enjoying a football game, and a meal instead was on duty on Thanksgiving Day patrolling his town. He also shared the picture of the cup on his account with the inscription of “PIG” on it.

Starbucks addressed the situation as entirely unacceptable. The coffee chain also exclaimed how sorry it was that the law enforcement officer had to experience such a disgraceful incident. Starbucks further added to its comment that the employee of the company who used such offensive action to humiliate an officer had poor judging abilities and was no longer a part of the company after having violated the policy of the company.

The statement mentioned how offensive the language used by the employee was to all the police officers and it was nowhere near to the deep appreciation that the company beholds for the law enforcement officers who work so hard and endlessly to keep our communities from any danger.

Both Keifer police and Starbucks released a joint statement about leveraging the situation in the favor as an example to promote civility more greatly. The company wanted to meet with Keifer police in order to have a discussion on the ways to function in sync. This included the idea to host an event ‘Coffee with a Cop’ at Starbucks. This event is being looked upon with the notion to create communication between the members of the community and baristas with the law enforcement officers. The event is also needed to discuss the critical role that the dispatchers play in protecting the communities.

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