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The Cybertruck recently introduced by Elon Musk got trolled by big brands over Twitter

Pepsi, Lego, and other such brands have taken up Twitter to mock the Cybertruck that Tesla has recently released into the market. Although it’s a bulletproof truck with electric pick up, the windows of the car were smashed down with a metal ball when the truck was being launched in the previous week.

Lego is a Toy company that made a tweet with a taunting tone stating that the evolution of the truck industry is here now with an additional remark of noting it as “guaranteed shatterproof”. The company also mocking added a picture of Lego on Wheels, which was pale-colored.  This post made by Lego was retweeted more than 21,000 times.

Pepsi introduced its version of Cybertruck mockery by creating a scene of a ball hitting a can of cola and added the caption “demo day”. This tweet was made shortly after the launch of the Cybertruck. While every renowned brand was taunting the launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck, the fast-food chain –Denny’s decided to chip in as well. The food-chain added the caption suggesting that their Dynertruck was released on the same day as Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Also, the Dubai Police made a tweet on Tuesday picturing Cybertruck with its branding. When Musk made the announcement about releasing a bulletproof truck, it attracted attention from all across the world. Musk made claims that the Cybertruck was immune to the bullets released from a handgun of 9mm in the promotional event that commenced last Thursday in Los Angeles. However, when the chief designer of Tesla Fran Von Holzhausen made use of a metal ball to throw at the Cybertruck’s windows, the glasses shattered.

Musk was utterly shocked after the incident took place. The company had also released a video in which the Cybertruck was towing the FF-150 from Ford got the interest of Sundeep Madra, the vice president of Ford X piqued. After which Sundeep made a tweet about a tug-of-war contest between the two vehicles. Elon Musk replied with an enthusiastic tone on Monday stating “Bring-it-on”.

The launch of the Cybertruck inspired a company based in Canada, which deals with the making of laptop and phone skins. The company offered to prepare wraps including leather, wood, or camouflaged looks for the Cybertruck. The production of Cybertruck is estimated to begin in 2021. However, Musk has already made claims about receiving more than 25,000 pre-orders for the pickup, on Twitter.

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