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Uber to come up with a breakthrough safety measure

Companies that provide ride-sharing features are quite popular nowadays as they provide offers to travel across at a lesser price than taxis or autos. And, one such ride-sharing company that has gained the trust of its users is Uber.

Uber allows the user to book a ride online by providing the pick-up and drop location. It has made commuting so much easier than it was before. But as the company provides a convenient opportunity for riding, it also possesses a threat to the security of its users.

Users are supposed to provide their pick-up and drop locations along with their details like mobile numbers and email addresses. But, if enough thought is put into this fact, users are providing such intricate details to an unknown person. There have been many cases where the personal details of the person availing the ride have been misused in the past. Besides, cases of sexual misconduct and robberies have also been reported by people availing Uber rides.

So, to ensure the safety of the users and provide a safer ride, Uber has come up with a new plan. According to the new feature, Uber will enable drivers and passengers to record the ride. People availing the ride will be allowed to record audio during the entire trip in the Uber app itself. This measure is expected to bring down the cases that are reported against the company regarding the safety of the passengers.

A warning that the trip can be recorded will appear so that the user does not remain unaware of the recordings. Moreover, to ensure privacy, the passenger or the driver won’t be able to hear the audio that is being taped. After the ride is over, the app will ensure the passenger’s safety by asking a few questions within the app itself. The audio that was being recorded during the entire ride would be sent to Uber’s customer care support that will monitor each incident.

In this way, Uber hopes to ensure the safety of the passenger as well as understand the behavior of its employees or people availing the app for their usage.

Notably, the company first declared the new feature to record audio in Sao Paulo during an event that was held on the 6 November. According to a spokesperson for Uber, the safety feature will be tested in Mexico and Brazil during December. The audio recording feature would soon be available in the United States, added the spokesperson.

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