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Walmart makes Black Friday shoppers furious over deal issues

One of the most awaited days for the shopping freaks is the Black Friday when Christmas is just at the point of arriving. And in this peak time some consumers, particularly of Walmart, are unhappy from the online service it is providing. Many people have posted their grievances over social media accounts about their inability to order online products due to lack of time. Some have even stated in their posts that they will be returning to Amazon for shopping for deals on Black Friday.

Even when Walmart officially opened the doors of the stores for the customers on Thanksgiving Day, the discounts went online at 10 pm on Wednesday, and the products went out of stock almost immediately.

Some consumers claimed to have logged on into the site but had to refresh it again and again to purchase items, but at the time of purchasing after so many “refresh,” the things are displayed to be stocked out. A person even made a call to the supermarket in confusion, asking how can the item be stocked out even before the sale has begun.

Another Twitter user said that the Apple Watch Series 3 was stocked out in some mere minutes. Another user said Walmart canceled their ordered Christmas gifts on Black Friday and now that product is nowhere to be seen both in stores and online. They said they would go to other retailers such as Target for making their purchases. Some other customers questioned the company for its negligence in preparation for the discounted deals as the iPhone 11 that they wanted went out of stock soon after the sale had merely begun even after giving ads about it weeks.

The issue was not only for the electronic products but also for items like bedsheets and other daily-use essentials, which were unavailable on Thursday. With this issue, Walmart wasn’t available immediately to give a response to the bubbling comments and adverse reactions.

Apparently, a fight erupted in a Walmart at Tennessee this weekend among some angry shoppers and some Walmart employees in which the police had to meddle into to bring peace. A customer said he had been concerned over the fact that if Walmart doesn’t restock its products, it might not fulfil its Black Friday deal. To ensure purchasing his Watch at the discounted price, he even contacted a Walmart insider on Friday, who asked him to not to worry.

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